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Crochet Dog Toy

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During a production of Calendar Girls, for which I had photographed and designed a calendar for the massively talented Little Theatre Company, I could be found backstage with a hook in hand. My husband is the technical manager of the theatre, and sitting at home alone seemed silly when the best gossip happens in the dressing rooms during show weeks!

Taking advantage of the moments when most of the cast was on stage, I was able to create a number of fun projects, up to and including crochet naked ladies. What can I say? I was inspired! The one I’m sharing here is a quick pet toy for one of the cast who was organising a craft sale to raise money for Nowzad dogs. I cannot stress enough how utterly wonderful this charity is, please please do check out their website.

The only issue I had whilst working this pattern…it does tend to look very rude until you’ve added the last sections. Cue much amusement from surrounding onlookers. A conversation starter if ever you need one!

I created a generous handful of these dog chew toys really quickly, and recommend you are brave with your colour choices and even have a bash at trying out some colour work once you’ve got the hang of the pattern. These look fabulous the wackier the colour choices you try!

Get in touch with your finished projects, I’d love to hear from you!


Double Knit wool

3mm hook, or any hook to create a finished work that will hold the filling well

Yarn needle

Abbreviations (UK crochet terms)

Rnd : Round

dc : Double crochet

st : stitch

Rnd1 dc6 in magic ring

Rnd2 2 dc in each st (12)

Rnd3 *2 dc in 1 st, dc1* 6 times (18)

Rnd4 *2 dc in 1 st, dc 2* 6 times (24)

Rnds 5-8 dc 24

Rnd 9 *dec1, dc 2* 6 times (18)**

Break thread.

Make another ‘cup’ as above, up to **

Holding the two sections side by side so you can see an ‘8’ shape, with the first piece above the one you have just finished. The yarn end will be on the right hand side of the middle of the ‘8’ shape. Join the two sections in the middle of the ‘8’ shape by dc through 1 st on each side 6 times. You’ll now be at the left hand side of the middle of the ‘8’ shape.

St 6 (so we’re at the top of the ‘8’ shape), we’ll consider this the beginning of the following Rnds. (24)

Rnd 10 *dc 4, dec1, dec1, dc 4* 2 times (20)

Stuff the end pieces at this point.

Rnd 11-27 dc 20 (add more Rnds here for a longer bone)

To combat the natural twist of the crochet, dc an extra 2 st. Consider this point the new start of the next Rnd.

Rnd 28 *dc 4, 2 dc in next st, 2 dc in next st, dc 4* 2 times

Dc 6 st, chain 6. miss out 12 st, work a dc into 13th st. This is where the piece splits into 2 sections for the end of the bone. Your next st is now considered beginning of next Rnd.

***Rnd 29 *2 dc in 1 st, dc 2* 6 times (24)

Rnd 30-33 dc 24

Rnd 34 *dec1, dc 2* 6 times (18)

Stuff bone so far.

Rnd 35 *dec1, dc 1* 6 times (12)

Rnd 36 dec1 6 times (6)

Break yarn, using a yarn needle sew through 6 st, pull tight.

Reattach yarn at open end where last section is to be made, and work from ***

To finish, weave in all loose ends.

So there we have it, this is a really fun project and I’m currently playing with loads of bonkers colour choices and embroidered patterns. I look forward to seeing your bones. Ah hem.

crochet bones in colour.jpg

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9 thoughts on “Crochet Dog Toy

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  2. Hello, I’ve started my first bone. I am stuck at the point where you join the two cups together. “Join the two sections in the middle of the ‘8’ shape by dc through 1 st on each side 6 times.” Does these mean I should have a total 6 dc once the two pieces are joined?

    After joining with 6dc what is St 6? “St 6 (so we’re at the top of the ‘8’ shape), we’ll consider this the beginning of the following Rnds. (24)” And once I’ve done the stitches correctly I should have 24 loops or stitches on each cup, is this correct?

    Thank you, any advice you can give me would be great! I don’t why I’m just not getting this to work.

    • I’ll add some photos, thats probably the best way to explain! I tried before but was stumped by lack of knowledge in wordpress. I know more now, had forgotten I was going to do that!! Thanks for the reminder Annie x

      • Annie on said:

        Oh this is great, I was so excited to see your reply. I am very anxious to make these for my brothers pooch when he arrives in June. Thank you so much! I’ll be checking in soon. \


  3. They are wonderful but you’ve intrigued me. May I have the pattern for the jake lady? Hehe

  4. I’m going to give this another try. Maybe something in my brain will click and I will get past that stuck point. Wish me luck!

  5. Connecting the two is confusing…

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