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I Hate Murals

top of mural.jpg

I loved the idea of creating a floor to ceiling mural for my little boy. The project was so important to me, how gorgeous to create something unique and beautiful for my unborn child.

With hindsight, I may have had a romanticised the idea a little.

By the time I’d finished, I truly and completely hated murals. Especially this one. Perhaps the raging pregnancy hormones, sleep deprivation from constant heart burn and journeys to the loo and the inability to see my belly button for weeks had lessened my ordinarily generous sense of humour, but I hated it.

I also made several mistakes that I’m sure I would have foreseen if it weren’t for my pregnant state. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. )

painting mural.jpg

Firstly, I started from the base and worked up. ‘What’s the problem’, I hear you ask. I guess under normal circumstances it really wouldn’t have mattered. It all needed painting after all. The problem arose because over the months it took to complete, my belly got bigger.

And bigger.

And bigger.

Trying to paint whilst perched on a step ladder is not recommended when heavily pregnant, but there was NO WAY I wasn’t going to finish that darned mural once I started.

Secondly, when I designed the mural, I spent long, loving hours rendering pretty designs for each an every vehicles and elements of the finished painting. Bear in mind that this was at the beginning of the project. I was full of gusto. As a consequence, the finished design was soooo intricate and detailed that it was impossible to paint more than a couple of inches squared or so a day. I ran out of gusto.

tractor on mural.jpg

I audibly groaned when opening the nursery door in the final days of finishing this monster, but, I DID IT!!

You will be pleased to hear that as soon as the final brush stroke was added, I realised just how proud I was to give such a special gift to my baby boy. I no longer hate murals, but for a period of around 3 or 4 months, I whole-heartedly did.

And whilst I don’t hate them anymore, don’t ask me to do another one.painting train on mural.jpg

finished mural.jpg

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5 thoughts on “I Hate Murals

  1. Well I think it looks lovely 🙂

  2. And I was going to ask you to personalise a wall in Adam’s room in the new house…

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