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Crochet Train

crochet train

I have a confession to make. Not all the toys in my house were created for my son. I’d made a series of crochet vehicles well before we were even thinking of having a baby. Why? I genuinely don’t know! That’s how addictive crochet is! To begin with, you find reasons to make things. Next, you find excuses to make things, then finally, you give up all pretence and just make.

Never the less, they were all displayed proudly around our living room for months (if not, years) before now happily populating our son’s room. They look a lot happier there!

crochet train 3

Crochet Train Toy


Double Knit wool, any 4 colours + grey

3mm hook, or any hook to create a finished work that will hold the filling well

Yarn needle

Abbreviations (UK crochet terms)

rnd : round

dc : Double crochet

st : stitch

c : chain

dec : decrease


c12, c1 more and turn

row1-25            dc12,  c1 and turn

row 26            dc12, break thread and pull through last st to finish.


Front of Engine

½ rnd 1            Magic circle 4st, ch 1 and turn

½ rnd 2            dc 2 in each st, (8) ch 1 and turn

½ rnd 3            dc 8, ch 1 and turn

½ rnd 4            dc 2 in each st, (16) ch 1 and turn

½ rnd 5            dc 16

row 1                        dc 12 st along straight egde of the ½ circle, ch1 and turn

row 2-7            dc 12, ch 1 and turn

row 8                        dc12, break thread and pull through last st to finish.

Top of Engine

Ch 42, ch1 and turn

row 1-15            dc 42, ch1 and turn

row 16            dc42, break thread and pull through last st to finish.


Back of cab

c12, c1 more and turn

row1-17            dc12,  c1 and turn

row 18            dc12, break thread and pull through last st to finish.

Top of cab

C 54, c1 and turn

Row 1-9            dc54, c1 and turn

Row 10            dc54, break thread and pull through last st to finish.

Front of cab

c12, c1 more and turn

row 1-5            dc12,  c1 and turn

row 6            dc12, break thread and pull through last st to finish.

Wheels (make 4)

These look great when worked normally, but turned inside out. It’s a nice contrast texture.

Magic circle 4

rnd 1                        dc2 in each st (8)

rnd 2                         dc2 in each st (16)

rnd 3                        *dc2 in 1 st, dc 1* 8 times (24)

rnd 4                        *dc2 in 1 st, dc 2* 8 times (32)

rnd 5-6            dc32

rnd 7                        *dec1, dc2* 8 times (24)

rnd 8                        *dec1, dc1* 8 times (16) Stuff wheel at this point!

rnd 9                        dec8 (8)

break thread, pull through st, weave thread through final 8 st and pull tight to finish.


ch21, join to 1st ch to make a loop with sl st

rnd 1-9            dc 21

rnd 10                        *dc2 in 1 st, dc2* 7 times (28)

rnd 11-13            dc 28, break thread and pull through last st to finish.

Turn over top 4 rows to create a cuff detail.

Coupler (the bit that connects the engine to the cars)

ch5, ch1 and turn

row 1-3            dc5, ch1 and turn

row 4                        dc1, ch3, dc into last st, ch1 and turn

row5                        dc5, break thread and pull through last st to finish.

To make up

Sew ‘back of cab’ to ‘base’, then following this shape sew ‘top of cab’ from ‘base’ to ‘base’ and then to the ‘back of cab’.

Sew ‘front of cab’ to centre of the ‘top of cab’ section.

(This is very wordy, if its too confusing, take a look at the piccis!)

Sew ‘front of engine’ onto ‘base’ at right angle.

Sew ‘top of engine’ from ‘base’, following shape of ‘front of engine’, back to the ‘base’. Sew ‘top of engine’ to ‘front of engine’.

The ‘Top of Cab’ and ‘Top of Engine’ should touch, stuff, then sew together where they meet.

Sew ‘Funnel’ in place

Sew ‘Wheels’ in place

Sew ‘Coupler’ in place

Weave in loose ends and make ‘choo choo’ noises. This last instruction is obligatory.

crochet train 2

crochet train cars

Wow. This pattern has taken an AGE to write out so far, so I’m going to take a break and post the train carriages tomorrow.

Stay tuned, and enjoy

Choo choooooo!

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38 thoughts on “Crochet Train

  1. nataliec1603 on said:

    Aww they are so cute! I will defo remember these for next time a little boy comes along in the family/ friendship group!

  2. THANK YOU!!! My son loves trains, but he is 7 now so he into other things more, however I have a lovely nephew (that I will eventually get to meet in march!) that I’m sure would adore these trains, I can’t wait to try this out!! Oh and thanks for stopping by my blog and liking my post before too 🙂 I LOVE this train though! Awesome!!!

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  7. TheHiddenMusic on said:

    Hello. I love your adorable pattern LGL, but I don’t understand the half bit, like this line:

    ½ rnd 1 Magic circle 4st, ch 1 and turn

    What are you supposed to do here? Or is the formatting on the page off? Very confused. 🙂

    • So glad you like the post, hopefully I can clear it up for you.

      Ok! the ‘1/2 rnd 1’ bit just indicates that this is step 1 of this section, and it’s worked in half rounds rather than in circles. Once this section (the 1/2 rnd bit) is finished, you should have a half circle, or rainbow shape.
      To achieve this, you’ll be working back and forth in rows rather than in the round. But the rows will be curved.

      Does this help?

  8. LemonFox on said:

    Oh that’s so adorable! I love the connections with buttons, a great idea!

  9. What you call the “base” is tha the undercarriage ?

  10. Nanske on said:

    Hi, I’m Nanske from Belgium
    What a lovely train !!!
    can I translate this pattern in Flemish and may I share it on my FB group?
    I will put a link to the originale pattern and to your blog

  11. Amanda on said:

    Dear Tilleyb,

    I had a question. I came across this pattern and I’m totally in love with it.
    I’m now trying to make it as a gift for a newborn boy.

    I crochet the front of the engine and started the top…but when I chain 42 it’s way too long to be the top.
    When I fold it loosely around the front of the engine there’s almost a third of the 42 that is over.

    Can it be that I make a mistake or don’t understand the pattern too well?

    Sorry for any flaws in my english grammar! I’m from holland!

    Best regards,

    • The ‘top’ I’m referring to in the pattern is worked from the ground on the left of the train, up and over the actual top and back down the right.
      The piece you’re making here wraps over the whole section of train.
      I promise that it’ll make sense once you’ve made it, but you’re more than welcome to post me a picture once you’ve finished it and I’ll explain further if you’re struggling.
      Thanks for your question, so glad you love the pattern!

    • by the way, your English is superb! I’m thrilled that this little train is being made in so many other countries lglx

    • Nanske on said:

      I also had that problem and stared over and made it shorter

      Ik had dat probleem ook , ik heb eerst de motorkap gemaakt , afgepast aan het voorste stuk van het treintje en later het hoge stuk ook een beetje aangepast

    • Stephanie on said:

      0,help me I just cannot figure how to sew together..this is too cute ..I’m sad I don’t understand

  12. So kewl! Imma link to your blog from my crochet Facebook page, (Craftyghoul Crochet), and tell my followers to come check this out! You’re so talented! If you’re curious to see all the likes and comments you can check it out here later this morning when I’m scheduling it for:

  13. I love this 🙂 When you say DC do you mean UK or US crochet speak? (As I know UK DC is same as US SC) Thank you ❤

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  16. I saw someone ask this before but for the cars when you say the base is that the same as the undercarriage? what does that refer to? I really want to make this pattern but cant quite figure it out….

  17. Rachelle Bennington on said:

    Is it okay to sell the finished products from this pattern! It’s adorable. Thanks! 🙂

  18. Rachelle Bennington on said:

    Is it okay to sell products made from this pattern? Thanks!

  19. Marie-Pierre on said:

    merci !!!

  20. Amanda on said:

    How much of each colour yarn do you think you used for the train and the carriages, thanks

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