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Does the thought count?

Rainbow bear 3

You never really know if someone truly likes your gift, or just appreciates that you took the time and effort to make them something by hand. Does it even matter? After all, you got pleasure of making something, scratching that crafting itch, which is one of the reasons you started the gift in the first place. Right? (I say ‘started’ because there is that feeling when deadlines are looming and you’ve got twice as many rows/rounds/stitches etc to finish than is absolutely comfortable in the timescale, ie crafting panic.)


Besides, if they care about you as much as you care about them (why else would you have made them something by hand?), you’ll never actually know that they don’t like it. They’ll be too nice about it.


But it does matter that they like it. Sure, sure, the thought does count, but only if its an fitting thought about an suitable gift for the appropriate person. We wouldn’t bother if we knew the recipient of that lovingly crafted gift wouldn’t truly appreciate it. If you’re anything like me, you choose projects carefully, scouring the pattern books for that perfect idea and even subtly running the idea past the person to see if they actually like it as much as you imagined they would. Choosing the project sometimes takes longer than working it up.


Which is why, I was so utterly gleeful when my little boy started playing with the very first thing I made especially for him. Me being pregnant at the time, I wasn’t able to gauge when I started if he was going to like the bear or not! This was my first attempt at creating a knitted toy pattern and I really wanted him to love it!


It took 5 ½ months for my baby to be interested in it, which was a little heartbreaking, but I had 5 ½ months of new parenthood to distract me, on Wednesday morning when he was teething and feeling a little bit blue, Rainbow Ted was the only thing that could coax a smile out of him!



I even had time to take these…

Rainbow bear 1

Rainbow bear 2

Rainbow bear 4

Rainbow bear

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6 thoughts on “Does the thought count?

  1. roma1912 on said:

    Awwww bless, model is super cute, followed a very close second is rainbow bear 🙂

  2. I agree it does matter. The ‘making’ is part of the pleasure but wanting our creativity to be appreciated is a big part too.
    I would have been overjoyed at the response you got from your gorgeous baby, worth waiting for I reckon!
    Bear is lovely too!

  3. I know exactly what you are talking about – the smile on that little angels face is totally worth it. My son is now almost 22 and when I went to go visit him at his new place and life there on his bed was one of the first quilts that I ever made (which i thought he had discarded long ago)

    Way to go both are absolutely darling 🙂

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