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Knitted Baby Blocks

knitted baby blocks

They spell Poo. And Wee. Juvenile, I know, but they make me chuckle! Another bonus is that the boy LOVES them and they are so easy to make.

I chose 6 different designs, the chart for the number and dot dice can be found below, but you could do anything. Shapes, textures, letters, anything goes. I used one of the knit design apps available out there (the one I chose is called ‘Knit Mate’, it’s basic functionality is ok but there were some serious bugs…)

Materials :

1 block 10cm thick upholstery foam.

A sharp knife

Dk wool, various colours

3 ¼ mm needles

Yarn needle


25 stitches, 32 rows = 10cm

1) measure and cut a 10cm by 10cm square out of the upholstery foam. This will be the filling for your baby block.

2) For each of the 6 sides of the block, cast on 25 and work 32 rows. You can either do solid colours, which would look lovely, or you could try out some colour work and patterns, or textures with a variety of stitches.

3) Wrong sides together, Sew the 6 sides together using backstitch leaving a small, neat but visible seam on the outside. Make sure to leave the last 2 sides of the last square un-sewn then…

4) Wiggle the foam block inside and sew up the final 2 sides.

I made 6 baby blocks in total, which can build a cute triangle and are plenty for the boy to stack into a tower.

knitted baby blocks

knitted baby blocks

I also made sure that the letters on the 3 letter blocks could spell silly words (and nice ones like Mum, Dad, and the bay’s name etc). This takes a bit of brain power to work out.

Dice Pattern charts :

knitted baby blocks













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4 thoughts on “Knitted Baby Blocks

  1. These would be great for my class circle time. What patience, passion, along with creativity. Blessings, Mtetar

  2. Love the spelling options!

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