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felt birdies

Felt Birdies

felt birdies

I went through a phase of being a little obsessed with felt. The obsession eased after about three weeks of constant crafting (sometimes you just need to work a new technique out of your system) but I still adore the range of colours, textures and finishes available.

It also astonishes me how quickly you can create 3D shapes and toys in this medium, but I am used to crochet and knitting where you struggle to create anything meaningful in less than 5 or 6 hours.

So here is a cute little project from my felting weeks. Perfect for a mobile or decorating a bedroom. They also work well as party favours or name tags if stitched with names.

I’ve shared another felt project here, a very different vibe but uses similar techniques as those described below. Once you have the basics, the possibilities are endless!

felt birdies


2 different colours of felt (A and B)

a small off cut of white felt

white thread


black embroidery yarn


card (if you want your templates to last)



fibre fill stuffing.


birdie template

How to make:

Download the templates above and print off at the required size. Mine were approx 12cm from beak to tail.

Cut out templates on either paper or, if you want them to last, card.

Draw round the templates and cut 2 of the side pieces in colour A, and 1 underside in colour B. If you are making the birdie ‘In Flight’, cut one each in colour A and B.

Cut out 2x eye surround in colour B and 2x eye in white.

Now pin and sew the 2 sides together in white from their beak, along the top of the birdie, finishing at the tail (see photos for reference) with a visible seam approx 2 mm from edge.

Pin and sew the underside to the sides, leaving a small section un-sewn.


Sew up final section.

If you are making the birdie ‘in flight’, sew the two colours of wing together and sew this to the top of the birdie, using the photos for reference.

Pin the eye and eye surround in place on both sides of the head. Using the black embroidery thread, sew a small V to secure them in place.

felt birdies

felt birdies

I’d love to see your versions of these little guys and where you use them. Please do send me a link or photo and I’ll share your good work!

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4 thoughts on “Felt Birdies

  1. These are really cute. I work almost exclusivly in felt, but i make my own. I do make sheets of felt, but I prefer needle felting (you can create really cool 3d things). May have a go at a needle felted bird based on these designs – will post a link here.

  2. To bake or create on said:

    Love this! I also went through an obsession with felt crafts! I’m trying to convince myself I’m over it but I don’t think I am really! X

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