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crochet aeroplane

Crochet vehicles

crochet aeroplane

I’ve previously confessed to having made a host of crochet toys made even before having a baby…or even being pregnant… and they weren’t for gifts either. As a result of the crochet bug, I have an array of crochet vehicles that the boy now plays with.

crochet aeroplane

I shared the toy train pattern here, and am planning on sharing the aeroplane pattern as the next instalment of this series soon. Notice how I haven’t put a timescale on this statement, I made that mistake before! And this time I don’t even have a project diary to refer to so I’ll be deconstructing before writing (Eeeeeeek)

The complete series comprises of three road going vehicles, three on the water and three in the air, photographed here.

crochet aeroplane

crochet aeroplane

crochet rocket

If anyone has any preference as to which pattern I release after the aeroplane, message me or leave a comment below. I’ve got a car, bus, submarine, boat, jet-ski, hot air balloon or rocket.

I have another confession.

I bought far too many balls of wool from Aldi today, the remnants from their yarn and stitch event. Perfect for toys as they are machine washable, brightly coloured and very, very reasonable. Whilst my yarn stash doesn’t need topping up, I couldn’t help myself.

Come to think of it, I don’t think my yarn stash has ever needed topping up…


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34 thoughts on “Crochet vehicles

  1. They look fantastic

  2. Female Bystander on said:

    They look awesome!

  3. Yaney on said:

    Wow! They all look great! Can you do the jet ski after the aeroplane?

  4. They are all very cute. I just love the hot air balloon, definitely my favourite . I really have to refresh my hardly existing crochet skills. I think it is more useful for toys than knitting.

  5. I adore the hot air balloon, to be honest theyare all amazing. Do you sell them? 🙂

  6. I love the hot air balloon. You’ve inspired me to make some crocheted vehicles for my nephew 🙂

  7. sydneymartin1 on said:

    Is there a pattern for that rocket ship? It’s really wonderful, I’d love to make it.

  8. Can you share the pattern of the hot air balloon? Thanks

  9. I would love to have the hot air balloon pattern to use to make a mobile for my baby’s room 🙂
    Let me know, thanks!

  10. Como conseguir los patrones

  11. i love all of your work was hoping to find your hot air balloon pattern? have you posted it and id so where can i find it? thank you

  12. loving the hot air balloon! where can i find the pattern?

  13. Jaime Tyson on said:

    I would love the pattern for the hot air balloon. Thank you!

  14. Do you have a release date for the hot air balloon yet? I’m super excited! Your balloon is perfect! My friend chose balloons as the theme for her next baby and I’d love to make some balloons for the room.

  15. Can you send me the paatern for the hot air balloon please.

  16. I love all of them! Do you have a pattern for the hot air balloon? I’m making a bunch for a yarn bomb 🙂

  17. TSunshine on said:

    Would love to get your patterns for all your boy toys. I want to make some for my grandsons for Christmas. Thanks

  18. Hola ! Soy de Argentina .. Hermosos trabajos todos ! Llegue a esta página porque estoy buscando el patrón para el globo de aire . Me lo podrías enviar si no es mucha molestia por favor? Desde ya Muchas Gracias !! Saludos !!

  19. Marcela Andere de Patarroyo on said:

    All your patterns are lovely! I’d like to have the hot air balloon. 😉

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