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Knitted Dinosaur


To break up my seemingly unending string of crochet projects, I reached for my knitting needles for the first time in ages. I’ve seen some lovely knitted toy projects kicking around recently, Knits by Sachi is always worth a read and there have been some lovely offerings from knitting and craft magazines this month.


I’ve been involved in a few conversations that have affectionately pitted crochet against knitting. When it comes to toys, I usually prefer to crochet. Mainly because the fabric has a stiffer structure and holds it’s shape better. However, when you want a flumpy, flolupy character with a more delicate look to the fabric, knitting is best.


Yes, I am aware that I’ve just invented two new words, thank you Word Dictionary and the Blog Dashboard for your wiggly red underlines.


I also wanted an excuse to experiment with a bit of knitted colour work, so I dusted off my needles.





I’m very attached to the finished product; I love the size and flolupiness (yes, thank you again Word…) and am a little bit obsessed with creating a herd of them in different sizes and with different patterns.


The challenge now is deciphering my scrawled pattern diary and it’s array of diagrams and equations that I’m sure made sense at the time. Oh, and the little matter of downsizing the pattern.

pattern notebook

The notebook is falling apart and it’s not even that old! Clear signs of neglect…

This is my 1st attempt at decoding the scribble, a randomly spotted version of about ½ size. Ish.

dino spotted

Wish me luck!




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44 thoughts on “Knitted Dinosaur

  1. Your knitted dinosaur is just adorable!

  2. absolutely adorable! love the colours 🙂

  3. Yaney on said:

    Love your dinosaur!!!

  4. OMG.That is so stinkin’ cute!!!!!! Love it. No, adore it!

  5. The dinosaur is so lovely!

  6. roma1912 on said:

    Very flolupy indeed, what else would a dinosaur be LOL

  7. Awwww, HOW cute?! My toddlers would love one (or two) of these so much.

  8. Love this dinosaur! So cute, gorgeous colours… and “flumpy” and “flolopy” describe him perfectly!

  9. These are so stinking cute! Nice work!

  10. Cute as a button!

  11. Please please tell me you got around to writing the pattern? I want to make one!!

  12. I really want to knit this! Its clearly the cutest knitted dino I can find on the interweb and thats the next project I wanted to make for my boys! When oh when will the pattern be out for me to buy???

  13. Do you have the pattern? I’d love to make it.

    • I’m in the process of getting it published, will let you know when it becomes available. Glad you like him!

      • RoisinM on said:

        Hi, yes please, please do share once you have the pattern, I am hoping to knit a Dinosaur for my son’s first Christmas and this would be perfect!! THANK YOU

  14. Katie on said:

    Please please can you post your pattern for this dinosaur! We love it and am desperate to do it for my son.. Thank you so much.

  15. Amanda,O on said:

    Has there Been a pattern yet??

  16. mccrochet on said:

    I know someone who would reeeaaally love to get one of those for christmas. Do you know when you will have the pattern? 🙂

  17. Linda woodward on said:

    Love your stripy dinosaur, when will your pattern be available xx

  18. beverley widdows on said:

    Oh my what a gorgeous dinosaur pattern! Would you let me know when it’s in print please?

  19. I have been searching for a knitted dinosaur pattern, and yours is by far my favorite. Wondered if you are close to sharing your pattern; would love to be able to knit one for my two year old great nephew.

  20. Hi. Do you have the pattern for this fine fellow?!

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