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Child’s Granny Square Jacket

child's granny square jacketIn the back of my mind, a thought has been brewing. I wanted to start designing garments.

I’ve played around with some knitted and crochet tops in the past, with varying degrees of success. My main problem wasn’t always my lack of design ability which I’m always trying to expand and develop, it was my wondering eye… I know I’m not the only one!

I have NEVER met a knitter or crocheter who only has one project on the go at a time. I have at least 3 or 4 project ideas whizzing around my head at any point. This is fine, until I start a big piece and get distracted half way though. A lot of my early attempts at jumpers or cardis end up being rushed. So they end up being ‘ok’.

No more.

Yes, I know, a toddler’s jacket isn’t the same as getting stuck into an adult’s, but I have to start somewhere!

child's granny square jacket

child's granny square jacket

So, here it is. A child’s granny square jacket with oversized hood (for added cute) and knitted trim. The first garment I have ever made that turned out how I imagined it, if not better. It is worked up in left over yarn from the knitted dinos. I wasn’t intentionally colour coordinating the boy’s wardrobe with his toys. Promise.


There was an unexpected side effect. I may have become somewhat obsessed with Granny Squares. Not a bad thing, although I have started seeing squares when I close my eyes, but I am rather jealous of the boy’s latest jacket.

child's granny square jacket

The pattern will follow, I want to take the time to write it properly for you fine folks rather than subjecting you all to the almost indecipherable notes from my pattern diary.

child's granny square jacket

Before I go, one of you lovely readers made me feel famous yesterday on an outing to Ashbourne’s ‘Betty’s Sewing Box’ (lovely shop, great range of workshops and lovely cake, if you’re ever heading that way) where I purchased the buttons for this project. The Boy and I went on this jolly road trip with one of my dearest friends, Carol B. Anyway, you know who you are, be assured you made me feel warm and fuzzy, and thanks so so much for reading!!

Its a small world 🙂



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17 thoughts on “Child’s Granny Square Jacket

  1. That is so sweet!!! Love the colors!

  2. aw he looks so adorable in it!!! 🙂

  3. Absolutely gorgeous.

  4. Jo-jo is such a fantastic model. Love those colours and the jacket is gorgeous.

    You have also made me want to start crocheting Granny Squares when pink teddy’s last leg is completed.

    So glad you made it to Betty’s. I knew you’d love it.

    • Oh my goodness, it was so lovely! Such a great idea for a shop, and with its own parking! Ace suggestion, thanks Elaine!
      I’m popping the pattern online soon for this, hope you’ll find it useful! Post a pic of pink teddy once it’s done!

  5. roma1912 on said:

    LOVE your model, the jacket is pretty wonderful too LOL

  6. rhiannonjenkins2014 on said:

    Love this!-you are a very talented lady. Would love to try this for my little girl. Need to get practising my granny squares I think! X

    • Thanks so much, that’s very kind of you to say:)
      Granny squares are super easy and there are loads of motifs out there. This pattern will be posted soon, and an ideal opportunity to play around with colour combos.

  7. Yaney on said:

    Absolutely lovely! Look forward to the written patrern.

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