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Fuzzy Froggy, Twitter and Workshops

knitted frogFor those of you on Twitter, I have a new twitter handle with regular work in progress updates, news, interesting articles and event details. I would absolutely love you to follow me @Lime_Green_Lady, and let me know you’ve popped over from the blog.


I am really excited to announce a new series of 6 workshops to be held at the Brewhouse Arts Centre Café, Burton Upon Trent, from the 1st Tuesday in November. More details to follow, but the course will be designing and making your very own crochet doll. I’m busy planning and sourcing some gorgeous materials for the participants. Its only £5 a session, or all 6 for £25, all materials and equipment included.

knitted frog

And now, a troublesome frog. I lost count of the number of times I cursed this yarn. I always struggle with fancy yarns, not entirely sure where the stitch should be, picking up and dropping them willy nilly, just hoping (hopping) that I’d created some sort of stable fabric at the end of it. I didn’t find any holes I couldn’t mend relatively easily when stuffing, and that’s generally a good sign.

knitted frog

He did turn out really nicely though. A real squishy, soft, huggable chap with a cute face. I knitted him for some friends who have just had a baby boy. I wanted to stay away from blue as a boy’s nursery can get a bit overpowered by blue presents in the early days, and I love the shade I spied in my stash. It’s an old wool I found hiding there some time ago, which I do remember trying to use once before and giving up. With that in mind, I’m afraid I haven’t the foggiest (or froggiest) what the blend or make is.


Couldn’t resist a shot of him being blocked on my ironing board. He doesn’t look that happy about it…

knitted frog

Don’t forget to join me on twitter, and let me know if you want more info about the workshops in November/December.



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4 thoughts on “Fuzzy Froggy, Twitter and Workshops

  1. what a lovely frog. I am sure the little boy will love his new and luckily not blue toy. And the picture on the ironing board is just hilarious 🙂

  2. It’s a lovely frog! I especially love the black and white photo. The boy is lucky to have him.

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