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Crochet Advent Garland, photo tutorial

advent1advent2I’m loving the influx of Christmas projects circulating at the moment, and as I’m doing a Christmas market at the end of November (Eeeeeeep!) I’ve been merrily stitching baubles, gnomes, tree decorations and the like.

I’ve also been crocheting this sweet little project for the boy this advent. These mini stockings are the perfect size to hold a chocolate coin or little toy, and I’ve done 12 pairs ready for December 1st. My mother pointed out that I should have crocheted numbers on the front, after I had done my 9th pair. But it’s a great suggestion and easy to work into the pattern. Alternatively, you can add the numbers in felt, or just leave them as they are.



2 colours double knit yarn

3mm hook

yarn needle

1.5 meters of super chunky wool or string for threading the stockings onto

Pattern in UK crochet terms

The toe

In yarn A, magic circle 6 st


rnd 1             dc2 in each st (6)

rnd 2            *dc2 in next st, dc 1* 6 times (18)

rnd 3            *dc2 in next st, dc 2* 6 times (24)


I like to add a stitch marker before I work the next couple of rounds, just so I don’t loose my place. I’ve used some scrap yarn here.


rnd 4            work even

rnd 5            work even, and change to yarn B


work 6 rnds evenly, then change to yarn A


The heel.

This is worked in rows.

row 1             dc 12 st, and turn work without an extra chain, miss a st before working 1st st of next row. This is how all rows start.


row 2            dc 10 and turn as before


row 3            dc 8, turn

row 4            dc 6, turn

row 5            dc 4, turn

row 6            dc3, then dc 1 into the next step down, placed 1 space from end. Turn


row 7             dc3, dc2 into next step down starting as above, dc 1 into next step down (6), Turn

row 8            dc5, dc2 into next step down, dc1 into next step down. (8), Turn

the heel shape will start to be visible now


row 9            dc7, dc2 into next step down, dc1 in next step down (10), Turn


row 10 dc9, dc2 into next step down (11), change colour, CHAIN 1 and turn.


Working in rounds again

Work 10 rounds evenly.

Once you’ve finished the 10 rounds, you’ll be at the middle of the right side of the sock.


Work a further 7 st to bring you to the back of the sock.


chain 12


slip st into next st in round, break thread and pull through to finish.


Weave in ends, make 23 more


Why not try some colour work too

19 20

I hope you enjoy making your Advent garlands, or why not try hanging some on your Christmas tree?


Lgl x

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11 thoughts on “Crochet Advent Garland, photo tutorial

  1. I love everything about this! Your pictures are awesome and the stockings are beyond adorable. I may have to make some for our holiday decorations.

  2. nataliec1603 on said:

    I like your blog so I have nominated you for a Liebster Award!

  3. They are utterly dotey!

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