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Dispelling Myths and Growing Trees

crotchetcolourtreeWith my workshops being based at the local arts centre, I get to be involved with various workshop days, events and socials. One of my favourite activities is spending time with beginners or people who used to crochet but haven’t picked up a hook for years.

Recently, I was involved with a workshop open day at the Brewhouse Arts Centre, and had a fantastic time talking to crafters, musicians, performers and arts professionals. There are some fantastic tutors out there!


I also got the opportunity to do a bit of teaching and dispel some crochet myths.


Myth 1: crochet is for grannies. Don’t get me wrong, many grannies enjoy a good crochet, but the idea that the craft is reserved solely for the retired is ridiculous.


Myth 2: crochet is boring. This one irks me. Perhaps a product of some people only being aware of the doilies adorning their elderly aunt’s coffee table, or the odd granny square blanket laid over the back of a sofa? Now, I love hooking a good doily, and am an enthusiastic fan of granny squares, but there is more to life than squares and circles. Visit my Pinterest board on yarn bombing for some great example of contemporary crochet.

As for the act of crocheting being boring, errrr, no! Its very soothing, relaxing and almost meditative. Well, once you get over the initial frustration when learning, which doesn’t last long. I promise.


Myth 3: Crochet is for girls. I roll my eyes at this. Seriously? Can I just point you to Guy Who Crochets as a local example or Thomas and Felix of MyBoshi fame.


Myth 4: It’s the same as knitting. Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh. Maximum fail points awarded to the local newspaper, the Burton Mail for actually writing that I was teaching knitting. When I had a hook in my hand. I had expressly said to the photographer that it was crochet, not knitting. Its like saying a trombonist plays the violin.


Myth 5: Crochet is hard to learn. With so many YouTube videos, online tutorials and people like myself who take classes, its really easy to get going. You just have to find the right learning method or combination of methods for you.

colourtree4 colourtree3


With the last point in mind, visitors to the Brewhouse were treated to a free tutorial to help them get started with crochet. Participants made a leaf or two for the lovely crochet colour tree that was later displayed at the Brewhouse. I got a bit obsessed with this project, and had lots of fun filling out the branches with flowers too.


Come along to my crochet workshops on Tuesdays between 1pm and 2pm, the sessions cost £5 each or 6 for £25. All materials and equipment provided, we are currently learning the Broomstick Lace Crochet technique. If you’ve never tried it, its lots of fun and Ive been enjoying everyone’s concentration crochet faces!!



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