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There’s A Craft Bomb A-Coming! Pompom Flower Pattern

pompom flower

I can’t tell you how long I have been itching to get involved with one of these beauties again. And the great thing about Burton Upon Trent’s latest outdoor art instillation is that it’s a very inclusive craft bomb, so anyone crafty can get involved.

I’m pleased to announce that I’ll be leading some workshops a week today, the 15th May, in Burton Market Place, so come and join me! You are most welcome and very much encouraged to bring some flowery creations with you, or/and get involved with our workshops running from 11 – 3. I’ll be doing Yarn Wrapping, Pompoming and Crochet workshops throughout the day as well as helping to install everything as we go along.


The lovely Anna from The Making House will also be there doing some really inspiring recycled craft flowers. I’m secretly hoping there is time for me to make some of those too. It’s not really a secret.

Check out the Facebook event page here

For those of you able to make a few for me, here is a free pompom flower crochet photo tutorial. Grab a 5mm hook and some double knit yarn (feel free to experiment with different sized hook and yarn) in any colour (just make sure it is colourfast). Some basic crochet knowledge required here folks, so have a go or join me next week!

ch 4, sl st into 1st ch to create a loop.pompom flower 1

insert hook into centre…pompom flower 2

and dc 6 into circle. sl st to finish rnd.pompom flower 3

*ch 4, then sl st into next dc.pompom flower 4

Repeat from * 5 more times. Insert hook into 1st petal looppompom flower 5

dc, tr, 3dtr, tr, dc into this petal loop to create 1st petal shape.pompom flower 6

Do the last step 5 more times to create basic flower.pompom flower 7

Looks cute as it is, but for a brilliant finishing touch, add a small pompom centre, made like so…

Wrap contrasting yarn round a fork lots of times. More times than I did here, I got a bit distracted.fork pompom 1

Thread same colour yarn through centre prongs of fork and tie in tight knot around middle of loops.fork pompom 2

Take off fork and snip your loops.fork pompom 3

Trim for neat finish. We’re looking for quite a flat pompom here, so it doesn’t protrude too far from petals.fork pompom 4

Sew together.pompom flower 8

What next?

If you can make the craft bomb event, pop over to us anytime between 11 and 3 and position your flower on the bomb. Don’t have time? Either drop off your creations on the day or hand in your piece to the Brewhouse Arts Centre before the 15th (details can be found on the flyer) in an envelope marked ‘for craft bomb, from Joe Blogs of wherever you live’.

We are also in need of yarn like materials, so if you have anything spare cluttering up your otherwise very organised yarn stash (pft), please send it or drop it off at the Brewhouse.

Thanks all, enjoy the pattern!

LGL xxx

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7 thoughts on “There’s A Craft Bomb A-Coming! Pompom Flower Pattern

  1. That is just so pretty. 🙂 Happy bombing! 😀

  2. Clever way to make a pompom. Happy bombing.😃

  3. Agree with previous post – really neat, tidy pom-pom method! Sorry, nowhere near you but good luck for next week’s event.

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