Lime Green Lady

About the lady

A thirty something, mother of one, wifey and general craft addict.

When not perusing or writing on the blogosphere, doing mommy things or houseworky things, my day job is running a media studio that specialises in animation.

I sometimes have a social life too.

My favourite past times (after crochet, knitting and other crafty ventures) are visiting the theatre, having a sing song and swimming.

Favourite saying: “Isn’t that jolly?!”

Favourite food: erm, chocolate. Duh.

Favourite designer: Anne Claire Petit

Anything else we should know?: Yes. Coffee is my fuel.

33 thoughts on “About the lady

  1. Victoria on said:

    What an adorable blog you have!!

  2. Hi Tilley,

    Claire B ‘liked’ you on Facebook so I thought I’d have a look. Great start. Xx

  3. Loving the colours here! And thank you for liking my post Rainbow Love Baby Blanket! πŸ™‚

  4. Hi! I have nominated you for Liebster “Award” – a blogging initiative to get to know each other better. Please take a look at my post here: It would be lovely if you pass it on, too!.

    Leyla from Silk&Wool

    • Thank you so so much, this is so lovely of you and I can’t wait to get stuck into your post! I’m so thrilled for your nomination, and I’ll answer your post soon!

      • I’m glad you’re happy to be part of this:) I will be looking forward to your post – please let know when you publish it, in case I miss it in the reader!

  5. I love those toys you’ve made. I’ve been taking a break from crocheting, and have never tried making toys before, so I’ll definitely visit your blog frequently for inspiration! πŸ™‚

  6. Kit Dunsmore on said:

    I love your blog. Your designs are so clean and inviting, you make me want to crochet, and I’m really a knitter. I’m ready to post about your blog. I hope it’s OK if I use some of your images to do so.

  7. Thank you for visiting and liking my Saturday amigurumi post. So glad I found your blog. you are very talented πŸ™‚

  8. Alison Hatfield on said:

    I just adore the dinosaur – have you a pattern for him? Want to knit it for my daughter’s Christmas present (she just loves dinosaurs … she’s 19!).

  9. Hello Lime Green Lady! I need your help if you wouldnt mind. I have a furr baby which i jist Aaadore! I LOvE the bone youve done. Im very new to the crochet world. Im having a sorta hard time with some
    Of the steps for the bone. Would ypu consider making a video tutorial? ( mostly having a hard time with joining the ends ( the whole 8 thing) or even a photo tutorial of this step. I would be most appreciatvie!! And so would my furry baby boy!!

    • Hallo there Jessica! I’ll do my best! Give me a few days (I’m snowed under at the moment) and I’ll post a photo step by step for you and your furry baby!

      • Im sorry for the multiple posts. Learning the wordpress world. Thank you!! Whenever you get the chance. Our great dane Falcor will be most happy!!! What I crochet for him are the only things he doesnt obliterate. Guess he know momma made it with Loveee!! Tnks tnks gracias!!!

  10. Hello Lime green lady!

  11. Hello Lime green Lady! First of all your blog is absolutely delightful. I am the proud mother of the most adorable furr baby. I just LOvE the bone you’ve done. Im very new to crochet and i’m having a bit of a hard time with one of the steps in the process( where you mention the 8, joining the ends) would you consider making a photo step by step? I also want to make these for charity. I would be most grateful. And consider our newbie crochet group your avid fans all the way from Mexico! Thankyou!!!

  12. Doris Green on said:

    My granddaughter sent me your pattern for the Granny square baby jacket along with yarn which was 4ply worsted weight by Vanna White.. I devised a motif using a smaller needle and wound up with a jacket big enough for an eight year old.. I put six rows of Lime ribbing (as with the sleeves) across the bottom which gave it a more finished look. So my twelve month old great granddaughter will just have to grow into it. Ha Ha! I had a good time finding the interpretation from English to American crochet terms.
    I am an 85 year old having been taught crochet at the age of twelve by my grandmother.

  13. Thank you for liking my post” Candy Stripe Bag Now Has a Liner” on OUR RETIRED LIFE. You have some interesting things here yourself. I think I will take a look around.

  14. Cathy on said:

    Hi, I just found the “Lime Green Lady” while searching for knitted dinosaur patterns to make for my grandson to be. I fell in love with the both the ones shown on April 5, 2014 and May 1, 2014! However, I can’t figure out how to get and print the patterns so that I can make them. Can you help me figure it out how to get the patterns? Thanks in advance!

  15. Your patterns are so cute!! I just made the bird, but altered the colors a bit to look like my cockatiel:
    It turned out so adorably, I was just wondering if I’d be allowed to sell them if I make more? Like, someone could give me their pet bird’s pattern, and I could custom make it for them, or even just make a bunch of premade birds to sell, with varying colors and whatnot. However, since it’s your pattern, I’m not sure how this works. It’s a free pattern, right? So am I allowed to use it to sell amigurumis that I make?

    • So glad you like the pattern, they turned out so beautifuly! You are more than welcome to sell your birds, as long as you credit me as the designer with a link to the wesbite.
      In general, even if a pattern is free, you don’t have permission to sell them unless the designer says you can. And most ask for a credit.
      Thanks so much for asking

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