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Crochet Hearts

hearts1Happy Valentines everybody! Love crochet? You’ll love these hearts x



Dk yarn, variety of colours

3.5mm hook (any size will do as long as the stuffing won’t show through)

yarn needle






ch            chain

dc            double crochet

slst            slip stitch

rnd            round


Large Heart Pattern

Written in UK terms


Magic circle 6dc (or 5ch, slst to make a loop, then 6dc into loop)

rnd1                        6dc                                                                                                (6)

from here on, change colour every rnd.

rnd2-19            increase 3dc evenly every rnd (your next rnd will have 9 st at the end, then 12, then 15 and so on)                                                                        (60)

to split the top of the heart into two to create the two top bumps,

rnd20                        30dc, 6ch

rnd21                        starting in the first dc from row 20, 36dc

rnd21-25            work even

rnd26-30            decrease 6 evenly on every rnd.

Cut yarn and pull through to finish.

This completes the first bump.

For second bump, repeat from rnd 21 to end, matching colours. I recommend stuffing heart just before you start the decreases on this side.


Smaller hearts can be made with the similar maths. Keep increasing in 3s for the first rnds, then, when the heart is ¾ the size you want, split off for the bumps. Work a few rnds even, then decrease in 6s until you have 6 (ish,) left.


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2 thoughts on “Crochet Hearts

  1. I love hearts in all varieties! These are so cute and worth trying out.

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