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Crochet Bird Pattern

crochet bird 7 crochet bird 8

Here is a lovely little pattern to enjoy this fine Spring Equinox! I’m currently in the process of making a flock of these little chaps, they take a couple of hours each but I do recommend pinning them out and blocking overnight to counteract a little twist in the tail and wings once they’re worked up. I have also realised that they have no eyes, so you could embroider those on or add safety eyes to finish.

crochet bird 9

Double Knit wool, main colour and beak/feet colour
3.5mm hook, or any hook to create a finished work that will hold the filling well
Yarn needle
Fibre fill

Abbreviations (UK crochet terms)
rnd : round
dc : double crochet
tr: treble
dtr: double treble
st : stitch
ch : chain
sl st : slip stitch
dec : decrease
inc : increase by dc 2 in same st

Head and body

In main colour,
magic circle 6
rnd 1 inc 1 in each st (12)
rnd 2 *inc 1, dc 1* 6 times (18)
rnd 3 *inc 1, dc 2* 6 times (24)
rnd 4-6 work even
rnd 7 *dec 1, dc 2* 6 times (18)
rnd 8 *inc 1, dc 2* 6 times (24)
rnd 9 *inc 1, dc 3* 6 times (30)
rnd 10-15 work even
rnd 16 dec 1, dc 8, dec 1, work even to end (28)
rnd 17 dec 1, dc 6, dec 1, work even to end (26)
rnd 18 dec 1, dc 4, dec 1, work even to end (24)
rnd 19 dec 1, dc 2, dec 1, work even to end (22)
rnd 20 dec 1, dec 1, work even to end (20)
rnd 21 dec 1, dc 16, dec 1 (18)
rnd 22 dec 1, dec 1, dc 10, dec 1, dec 1 (14)
rnd 23 dec 1, dec 1, dc 6 , dec 1, dec 1 (10)
break yarn and pull through to finish.

crochet bird 2 crochet bird 1

Right wing

magic circle 6
rnd 1 *inc 1, inc 1, dc 1* twice
rnd 2 dc 1, inc 1, inc 1, dc 3, inc 1, inc 1, dc 2
rnd 3 dc 2, inc 1, inc 1, dc 5, inc 1, inc 1, dc3
next, dc4.
**ch 8, ch 1 and turn.
row 1 dc 8 down the edge of the ch and 1 more into the side of the last st of the oval section. **
row 2 sl st into next st along of oval, then turn work (do not do a ch before turning like you would ordinarily do when working in rows)
row 3 missing the stitch at the base of your hook, dc 7, ch 1 and turn.
row 4 dc 7, then sl st to anchor the row to the oval as before. Turn
row 5 as in row3, dc 5, ch 1 and turn
row 6 dc 5, sl st to oval and turn
row 7 dc 3, ch 1 and turn
row 8 dc 3, sl st to oval and turn
row 9 dc 1, ch 1 and turn
row 10 dc 1, sl st to oval. Break thread and pull through to finish.

Left wing

Work same as right wing , inserting the following section in place of the pettern between ** **.

**ch 9, ch 1 and turn.
row 1 dc 9 down the edge of the ch, turn the work. By adding the twist here, you will be working the wing to look like a mirror image of the other wing.**


ch 12, ch 1 and turn
row 1 dc 12, ch 1 and turn
row 2 dc 4, tr 4, dtr 4, chain 3 and turn
row 3 dtr 3, tr 4, dc 5, ch 1 and turn
row 4 dc 12
turn work a quarter turn to work the end of the tail.
Work 6 tr into the same place, ¼ of the way along the edge of the tail. Sl st into centre of edge of tail.
Repeat this last step again but into a space ¾ of the way along the edge. Sl st into very end of edge of tail, break yarn and pull through to finish.


In beak colour,

Working in a clockwise direction, surface crochet 6 dc in triangular shape (2dc on each side)
rnd 2 dec 1, dec 1, dec 1, break yarn and pull through to finish.
Use end of yarn to sew up ends.

Feet (2 alike)

Surface crochet 2dc in position on front of bird, ch 1 and turn. Dc 2, break yarn and pull through to finish.

Stuff bird body through gap at end. Sew tail to base of body, and wings in place on bird. Weave in all ends to finish.

crochet bird 3 crochet bird 4

crochet bird 6

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107 thoughts on “Crochet Bird Pattern

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  1. GingerNoodle on said:

    These are gorgeous! Will certainly give these a go once I build up my crocheting confidence! ❤

  2. What a lovely unique pattern! Haven’t seen anything like this around. Shall put this on my to do list. Thank you!

  3. these are adorable! this makes me want to learn to crochet asap!

  4. These are so adorable! I’ve been thinking about making something like this as a cake topper for when I get married. Love it!

  5. These are really sweet!

  6. Ii have fallen in love with these. Not certain my crochet skills are up to them but I shall have a jolly good try! Thank you for this post!

  7. Oh my gosh!! I LOVE this! I need to make one in likeness of my blue chicken!!! They are adorable!!!

  8. Lovely! Thank you for sharing your pattern!

  9. These are beautiful! This could be a step closer to my Flock of Paradise Birds idea. Thank you so much ^.^

  10. LemonFox on said:

    Wow! really cute birds! I like the wings, might try this out!

  11. thank you for sharing such a lovely pattern

  12. Es una preciosidad gracias por el patrón

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  14. Awwww! So cute! Love the birdies!

    God Bless,


  15. i’ve made a few, thanks for the pattern

  16. Ann Connellan on said:

    Thank you for the lovely pattern. I have been looking for just such a bird for a long time. I think a flock is soon to come to my house!

  17. Reblogged this on Kerstin Karla ♥ and commented:
    Vielen Dank

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  19. Hey, I’ve stumbled across a problem with your pattern. When working the body you say to work rounds 10-15 even and then your instruction start at round 11. Is this a typo? Should I work rounds 10-15 even before I start the decreasing rounds or should I just work round 10 even across and then start decreasing?

  20. Hello,
    Between which rows do you crochet the feet?

  21. Hello,

    Thanks so much for this lovely pattern.
    Can you tell me between what rows you crochet the feet?
    And to what rows do you sew the beak?

    • Hi Ches,
      I usually place feet around row 15 ish, and beak around round 3/4. Vary your placement to make the birds look unique, and a higher placed beak will look like it is looking up, a low placed beak will look like it is looking down. lgl x

  22. Oh I Love this birds!! But let ne know- did you mean Single crochet alias dc?
    I want to try to copy such a Bird!! Thanks for this lovely ones!!

  23. Hi I really adore this pattern but I seem to be stuck on the tail… I’ve tried to tackle it 4 times but I’m just not getting something I guess…

  24. A “must try” for me! Just found this and thinking about my daughter having a baby girl next month and the fact that she wants to decorate some with birds, I think this will be super sweet!
    Thank you for the pattern! 🙂

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  26. Those are lovely! I have a friend who has a parrot, so I’m going to have a go at making one in it’s colours.

  27. I love this pattern and I adore birds but I’m fairly new to crocheting and written instructions baffle me!! Do you do a video tutorial for this please as I could follow that much much easier.

    Thank you


    • No video I’m afraid Liz, but try looking for amigurumi basics videos to get you started, then take a look at the abbreviations before giving it another go. Good luck!

  28. With 3.50 hook my project came out bigger. Used standard 1.75 oz Bernat Cotten. Also Tail instructions seemed awkward with 1/4 turn etc. Need photo or more detail. For now I had to “wing” it so to speak. 😜Otherwise lovely!

  29. WritingSunshine on said:

    Beautiful pattern! I am so excited to try it out! 🙂 I recently started an Etsy shop and I was wondering if you mind if I sell my finished projects made from your pattern? I would make sure to use my own photos and give full credit to you as the designer with a link back to your blog.

  30. Marielle on said:

    Hi, i just started making this cute bird when i noticed that in the pattern it says to do double crochet but in the picture it looks like only single crochet was used. and also what does work even mean? Thanks.

    • Hi Marielle, I’m using UK terms, it sounds like you’re working in American. There are great conversion charts available online. And work even means, wok 1 round with no increases or decreases

  31. gloria pasquarell on said:

    Just found this on PINTEREST: it’s wonderful, a beautiful artistic representation of a bird. Thank you very much for sharing this pattern.

  32. Does the round work the tummy or the back stitches first?

  33. Does the round do the tummy or the back of the bird first?

  34. I apologize if this has been sent before – I’m having some trouble with FB – does the round start with the tummy stitches or the back? I made the mistake of starting the birdie with a color pattern in my head and then realized that the decreases would affect where I should change colors.

    • The pattern is worked from the top of the head down. But they don’t take very long, so try making a ‘test’ version first and mark on where you want your colour changes.

  35. Beautiful. !!
    I have already started doing it. Finished the body and the tail.
    I am stuck with the oval thing of the wing. Hope to get it right.
    Thanks a bunch.

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  37. Reblogged this on Gráficos e Receitas and commented:
    Vamos fazer esse lindo passarinho amigurumi?

  38. I have made a Dutch translation for free, If you want to place it on your blog will you send me email:

  39. Hi…
    Lovely pattern. I did it and thankful for ur clear instructions.
    I seemed to have stuffed more than what i should have done. Heee heee…my bird looks plumply :)).
    Thanks a bunch..

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  41. JoAnn on said:

    Hi, can you tell me how your UK crochet terms are different from USA? Or would I follow the directions the same way? Thank you. 😀

  42. Elaine on said:

    What is a treble and a double treble for some one across the pond if dc is a single here.

  43. I love love love these thank you very much for sharing I have been looking for a bird pattern for ages and these are fantastic you have made my day xxx

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  45. How can I print this from my iPhone

  46. Shalini Agarwal on said:

    When I saw these three birds I fell in love with them. I decided to make them. Your pattern is very well written I have been able to all the parts of the bird, but the left wing. How do you make a mirror image of right wing, I can not figure it out. It might be a simple answer. I have been struggling for two days. Ultimately,I decided to write to you.
    This is the first time I am writing to a person who has written the pattern. I don”t want to trouble you.



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